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Olivia Kostbade


"Bret did an amazing job and I have gotten so many compliments on my senior portraits!"

Caitlyn Debose


Photography testimonials written directly from happy customers!-“Modeling was such a fun experience! I was able to create my own vision for my pictures, From my clothes to settings, it was amazing.” Caitlyn DeBose Class of 2018------Roebling Photo in Evansville

Taylor Hunsinger


"For everyone that's been asking on who did my senior pictures. Bret Roebling photo in Evansville did. He's GREAT and fun to work with! He does not disappoint at all."

Rachel Fredrick


When it came time to book a photographer for our wedding there was no question we wanted Bret. Bret has been a long time family friend so I knew he would do an awesome job. I knew the most stressful part of my day was going to be wedding pictures. We had a large wedding party and we wanted to have pictures done at our house after our ceramony but we didn't want to take to long getting our photos out of respect for our guests. Bret was able to get all the photos I wanted and get us headed to our reception in no time. When we looked through our wedding pictures I was in aw. He had gotten many pictures I had forgotten to ask for and was able to capture moments of my day that where very special to me. I am forever grateful for his talent and glad he was part of our special day. 

Matt Baker


“Bret did my daughters' Senior pictures and made us feel like we were at home. He made sure that anything my daughter wanted outside or inside was GREAT!!! Time for him wasn't a factor. My daughters' happiness was and still is. Not a kinder individual on the planet could have made her feel any more special than he did. Thanks Bret, I will recommend him to everyone!!!”

David Gansman


"I would recommend Roebling Photo in Evansville to anyone looking for a fun picture taking experience with a quality outcome. While taking my senior pictures, Bret kept the mood relaxed and enjoyable  He was also very attentive and good at working with the style of the clothes and the dynamic of the background behind me. All things considered, however, I was the most impressed with the quality and the quantity of the pictures taken. After looking back through the all the photos taken in such a short amount of time, I was blown away by the number of pictures I was happy with, which made the selection process that much easier. Getting my pictures done at Roebling Photographics cut the stress of senior pictures, and left me feeling like a more confident person.

Beverly Davis


Photography testimonials directly from customers- “Such an awesome experience I had during my photo session. I found Bret to be very much a professional and he created a very comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. I didn't realize I could smile for so many times! I received my photos for review, the photos were all so great, the selection process was difficult. I am very well pleased and more than satisfied with Bret's services and I highly recommend him to all my friends. Thanks again, Bret!!”-----Roebling Photo in Evansville

Tracy Bedwell


Real photography testimonials from happy customers-“Bret with Roebling Photo in Evansville has an excellent eye for getting great shots! Loved all of the pics...and wanted to order them all! : ) I would highly recommend his work!”

Mike Borman


“Bret Roebling of Roebling Photographics is a very talented photographer who is creative and combines photographic technical knowledge in his work. He is passionate about giving his customers the best quality photographs. Call Roebling Photographics for your portrait needs, group shots or other photographic needs.”

Diana Lamb


“Bret is an awesome photographer. He takes time with his customers and takes alot of pride his work. He is in it with all his heart and soul. Everyone should take the opportunity to visit Roebling Photography. He does amazing photos”

Evansville Chiropractor


“Amazing photographer! Bret takes fabulous candid’s and great portraits! I highly recommend him for all occasions, especially weddings.”

Diane Fowler


“Bret is not only a great photographer but a sensitive one. By the time you finish the photo session, you will not only have a wonderful photographer but a new friend.”