Photography Class / Photography Workshop

 We offer a photography class for the beginner and a photography workshop for the more advanced photographer. 

Photography Classes and Workshops

Lighting fit for a Queen

You will learn several lighting techniques in classic portraiture and how to light


In this fun filled 4 hours class, "Lighting Fit for Queen". You will learn several lighting techniques in classic portraiture and how to light (Holly Schwartz) the queen. We will also have a Special guest, Crystal Lohman, makeup artist back from Los Angeles California, for a LIVE makeup demonstration. Bring your Cameras and and prepare to add stunning images to your portfolio. Class space is limited. Book now to save your place in this class.

Class is full

IPS (In Person Sales)

You will learn several IPS selling techniques


In this 4 hour IPS (In Person Sales) class, you will learn: 

What is IPS 

Why you want to go to IPS.

Why you can’t afford not to.

The process of converting a “churn and burn” style business model to an IPS model.

How to project your images true to size, using our Free Lightroom templates. 

You will learn the complete workflow from the initial contact with your client to delivering the final product  

Topics include: 

  • The Initial contact
  • Qualifying your customer
  • The consultation
  • Collecting your creation fee 
  • working the photo session
  • Culling and editing your images
  • Conducting the sales presentation
  • No pressure sales
  • Delivering the print

Photograph a Gypse

photographing a gypsy using simple constant lighting.


Anyone interested in photographing a gypsy? Thursday, 4/11//19 at 6:00pm. We will be using simple constant lighting. BYOC (bring your own camera)

Class is limited to 5 people

More Classes coming


More Classes coming

More Classes coming


More Classes coming

Class material


Coming soon

 photography class, Learning materials, lighting diagrams and posting guides.